Boris Johnson’s ex spindoctor takes the knee on Britain’s cutprice version of Fox News. Can it get weirder?

How we derailed a Tory cultural warfare offensive

Georgian far right activists storm and destroy Pride HQ

Far right outrages provide a teachable moment for the complacent

A first look at Michael Wolff’s account of Trump’s actions on 6 January

The Fox News attack on the US military chain of command explained

Gen. Mark Milley confronts matt Gaetz in Congress

13.06.2020: White nationalists ‘defend’ Churchill’s statue against #BLM

Why Britain’s Conservatives have adopted the logic of fascism

The Tories and the fash want a culture war. Let’s have a party.

May Day demo, London 2021

Seventeen thoughts after the Tory landslide in Hartlepool

Luxemburg meets Lenin in Finland, 1906, from R is for Rosa, Episode 1

Marxism is the intellectual property of the working class

Paul Mason

Journalist, writer and film-maker. Former economics editor at BBC Newsnight. Author of How To Stop Fascism, published May 2021.

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